Hospitality Equipment Financing

Lenehan’s are proud agents of SilverChef™. SilverChef™ have provided Australia’s hospitality industry with equipment funding for more than 30 years.

Through Silver Chef’s unrivalled finance solution, Lenehan’s can offer quality commercial food, catering and restaurant equipment, both new and used.

The Rent-Try-Buy® solution allows businesses to save their cash, free up working capital and adapt easily to market conditions and consumer trends. With Silver Chef, there is no need for a large up-front capital outlay to get started in your new venture.

There are a range of benefits Lenehan’s can offer through SilverChef’s financing options;


Rental Calculator

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Rent Try Buy

SilverChef's range of Certified Used equipment comes from businesses like yours, who have returned equipment through our Rent-Try-Buy® product.

We are able, through SilverChef, able to offer the highest quality pre-owned equipment at an affordable price.  The range is less than 18 months old and has undergone a six-stage reconditioning process.

Certified Used Equipment can be purchased outright, or financed through our Rent-Try-Buy product

If you are ready to take the SilverChef journey, apply for your financing now!